With thousands of devices in the field, our turbochargers offer:  
  • Optimized efficiency with 3D geometry impellers
  • Volute insert technology for field flexibility
  • Lowest installation cost
  • Energy recovery/interstage booster pump in one device
  • 20-30% lower energy consumption

Our family of turbochargers has the highest efficiency in their class, with state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing. Designed for reliability, they’re suitable for both high pressure seawater and low pressure brackish reverse osmosis systems. They offer substantial savings for lower investment solutions, especially in locations where power costs are heavily subsidized or there’s a need to mitigate upfront capital or equipment costs. Simple to maintain, our turbochargers are supported by highly qualified and seasoned technical field services professionals around the clock.

Our Turbocharger product line includes the Advanced Turbocharger (AT) and the Low Pressure Turbocharger (LPT).

AT (Advanced Turbo) Turbocharger

Our AT Turbocharger (Advanced Turbo) is a flexible solution that simplifies the SWRO system while maintaining its operational reliability. Easy to install, with a compact footprint, it requires minimal installation time, operator training and plant design. The device requires no instrumentation or ancillary equipment.

Ideal for any size seawater reverse osmosis system, the AT Turbocharger handles flows from 50 to 10,000+ gallons per minute (11 to 2,272 m3/hr) and pressures from 600 to 1,200 psi (45 to 80 bar). For a centrifugal solution, the innovative volute insert technology allows systems to perform at a best efficiency range rather than a single best efficiency point.

LPT (Low Pressure Turbo) Turbocharger

The LPT Turbocharger is a high-performance, low-cost energy recovery solution for low-pressure systems that reduces the required boost to high-pressure pumps, thereby minimizing energy consumption. This device offers many benefits, including a compact footprint and long-term reliability and durability. The LPT gives operators the advantages of low-pressure, inter-stage pressure boosting to balance flux between stages, multi-stage reverse osmosis systems, and energy recovery—all at an affordable price.

Ideal for low-pressure applications such as multi-stage brackish reverse osmosis water treatment, this device handles flows from 30 to 4,000 gallons per minute (6.8 to 908 m3/hr) and pressures up to 650 psi (45 bar).