After a quarter of a century, we’re still raising the bar with innovative desalination solutions. Our flagship PX Pressure Exchanger technology provides a best-in-class energy recovery solution for SWRO desalination through high efficiency and unmatched reliability. This award-winning family of products has been widely adopted around the world for seawater desalination projects, both large and small. Our PX product line includes the Q Series and the S Series, and the latest model, the PX Prime. Read more about PX Prime
  • Designed for any size reverse osmosis desalination plant
  • Up to 98% efficiency
  • Scalable solution for our customers who need premium performance energy recovery with a larger unit capacity
  • Lowest lifecycle cost of any energy recovery device on the market

Advanced Technology That’s Smart and Elegantly Simple

Our PX Pressure Exchanger devices have only one moving part. They’re made of a high purity, aluminum oxide ceramic that’s corrosion-proof, three times more abrasion-resistant than steel, and provides unmatched durability. The simplicity and modularity of this design allows for optimum scalability, quick startup, and no required maintenance. The PX Pressure Exchanger device captures hydraulic energy from the high pressure reject stream of seawater reverse-osmosis processes and transfers this energy to low pressure feed water with up to 98% efficiency. Because the PX device itself consumes no electrical power, the overall energy consumption of the seawater reverse-osmosis process is drastically reduced.

Highest Availability

Just one day of unplanned downtime per month can cost plant operators millions in lost revenue over the lifetime of the plant. The PX device will never be responsible for unplanned downtime at your plant. Many of our devices have been in operation for as long as 12 years with no downtime, and our devices that had been recovered from the field, after years of operation, had no changes in performance.

Where Design meets Economics

Debris, temperature, and corrosive chemicals create a challenge that most engineering materials can’t withstand. Our ceramic technology surpasses the long-life durability required in harsh industrial environments, with a lifespan up to 25 years. PX devices save hundreds of millions of dollars through energy reductions and maximizing runtime. They are proven to perform for years without failure in harsh environments, offering unbeatable reliability and higher productivity. In fact, they work so well, there’s virtually no scheduled maintenance.

Supreme Flexibility

The PX technology requires a much smaller high-pressure pump than conventionally used. Even more crucial, PX technology disassociates the high-pressure pump from the energy recovery device. These two factors combine to give you much more flexibility in optimizing train sizes and selecting the best high-pressure pump for your project. Retrofitting existing plants with PX devices can reduce the power consumption of existing systems by as much as 60%.

PX Prime

The PX Prime is the latest advancement in Energy Recovery’s award winning PX Pressure Exchanger line, and is the most advanced energy recovery device for desalination available on the market. We have engineered the PX Prime to perform with even less fluid mixing and enhancements across a variety of factors. It will also be the first PX available for lease. Read more

PX Q Series

The PX-Q Series includes the PX-Q300 and the PX-Q260. Our current gold standard, The PX-Q300, is the most efficient PX device we’ve designed to date, and also has the added advantage of being quieter than anything else on the market. The PX-Q260 is built on the proven engineering design and performance of the PX-260 and PX-220.

PX S Series

The PX-S series includes the following models: PX-300, PX-260, PX-220, PX-180. The PX-6S family of products is well suited for large plants. Up to 40 PX devices in parallel have been successfully installed in a single train, and 10 to 16 devices in parallel are common.