The PX PowerTrain™ line of pre-engineered energy recovery solutions combine Energy Recovery’s award-winning PX® Pressure Exchanger® (PX) devices with frame support and ancillary equipment into a compact, ready to install high-performance energy recovery device (ERD) array package. Designed by Energy Recovery’s technical experts, the PX PowerTrain™ combines optimized flow paths with our core PX technology to streamline ERD array installation while maintaining industry-leading quality standards. 

PX PowerTrain™ Benefits

End-to-end Solution

When coupled with our SWRO pumps, a complete end-to-end ERD solution

Easy Install

Pre-designed ERD and frame support for ease of installation

Optimal Operation

Designed according to Energy Recovery guidelines to ensure optimal PX operation

    Product Features

    Includes our award winning PX Pressure Exchanger technology

    Train production capacity ranges from 3,000 to 13,000 cubic meters per day (CMD)

    On-site commissioning support available