Every day we support our clients across the globe in making energy recovery economically profitable & environmentally sustainable.

With over 120 years of combined industry experience, our visionary service and support team has all-around technical expertise in energy recovery systems. From grass roots planning to system design and implementation, all the way to ongoing maintenance, we're always available for you, which is why we call ourselves Team 360.

Oil & Gas Solutions

We harvest the power of pressure, turning it into an economic value, enabling operators to reclaim, reuse, and recycle the energy generated. Learn More >


Water Solutions

We're working hard to make desalination sustainable for you, and it isn't just about saving the planet. Learn More >


Installation &
Service Support

Team 360 can supervise installation and system commissioning whenever you request it. We have experts in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, India, Latin America, and Australia providing responsive, local assistance and support in your language of choice. We guarantee we'll go above and beyond to meet any maintenance requirements. Learn More >

Tools Apps

View a wealth of technical information, including operations and service manuals, technical guidance documents, and the Power Model™ & SWRO process simulator, developed to support you in your design process. Learn More >

Spares Repairs

Looking for a spare part or can't figure out what's wrong?

Team 360 maintains a complete inventory in California, and shipments can be expedited around the world. Learn More >

Training Seminars

Team 360 is available worldwide to provide training that meets your needs.

We also provide dynamic hands-on seminars to help accelerate your understanding of how our energy recovery technology works. Learn More >