Application of a Hydraulic Turbogenerator in the Acid Gas Removal at a Gas Plant in the Middle East

Awarded best paper at the 2016 SOGAT (Sour Oil & Gas Advanced Technology) conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE, this paper covers the installation of Energy Recovery’s IsoGen turbogenerator solution in a gas processing plant in the Middle East.


A first of its kind hydraulic turbo-generator system was deployed for a Pilot Test at a given Gas Plant through collaborative effort of the local National Oil Company and Energy Recovery. This system was designed to replace the absorption contactor Level Control Valve (LCV) found in amine units of gas processing plants. Hydraulic energy that is normally wasted in the LCV is now harvested by the IsoGen system and utilized elsewhere in the plant. This Pilot Test report describes the design and deployment of the technology, analyzes the operating data and system performance, and describes the lessons learned and overall success of the project. At the conclusion of the pilot period the IsoGen system was proven to be a viable technology ready for deployment in gas processing applications as well as a technology poised to create value for the Plant. The IsoGen system has already recovered over 1 Gigawatt hour of electricity over the 6-month pilot test for the Gas Plant.