Extreme Conditions

The hydraulic fracturing site is a high-pressure environment. There’s pressure in the pumps, and pressure on the team responsible for keeping those pumps running. Even a brief shutdown can be costly. Yet the sand and chemicals necessary for hydraulic fracturing can wreak havoc on equipment.

The fluid ends of high-pressure pumps often suffer the most. Constant exposure to abrasive proppants (most often sand) wears down components and requires almost daily maintenance. The VorTeq hydraulic pumping system keeps proppants from ever reaching these pumps.

A Proven Solution

At the heart of the VorTeq system is Energy Recovery’s PX Pressure Exchanger technology. This is the same PX technology that revolutionized the seawater desalination industry. When applied to hydraulic fracturing, the Pressure Exchanger promises to save oilfield service providers significant costs that come from pump failure.

PX technology works by transferring the pressure energy from one fluid flow to another with minimal mixing of the two flows. At a frac site, this allows the VorTeq hydraulic pumping system to re-route proppant-filled fluid away from vulnerable pumps and ensure that only pure water touches them.

Built to Last

We engineered the VorTeq system to withstand the rigors of hydraulic fracturing. Made from tungsten carbide, the core of the VorTeq system is 1,000 times more abrasion-resistant than steel. With a single moveable part, it’s designed to endure extraordinarily high pressures, high flows, extreme temperatures, and harsh proppants.

New Possibilities

Since VorTeq handles abrasive proppants and extends the life of pumps, it opens up new configuration possibilities for frac sites. These include swapping positive displacement pumps with more efficient pumping options, and using idle equipment at other sites.

By applying proven PX technology to hydraulic fracturing, the VorTeq system introduces a reliable and revolutionary way to protect pumps, and offers even greater savings by potentially redefining how frac fleets are configured.

VorTeq features and benefits:

  • Treating pressure up to 15,000 psi
  • 1000x more abrasion resistant than steel
  • Extends lifespan of pumps
  • Dramatically reduces maintenance costs
  • Connects to fleet like a traditional manifold trailer