The Untapped World of Pressure Energy

Industrial processes represent about one third of the world’s total energy consumption. With a mammoth amount of energy required for industry, it has become natural to consider how much energy is wasted in these processes.

Over the past century, the practice of energy recycling has been built into industrial processes as a necessary step to minimize what would be otherwise wasted energy. Most are familiar with the concept of heat recovery, where heat that would have been dissipated and lost is returned to manufacturing and industrial processes. But many companies have yet to apply energy recycling to another form of energy—pressure energy.

Much like heat, pressure is often wasted in industrial processes through letdown in valves or other devices. This is squandered energy that increases a plant’s energy consumption and carbon footprint. These wasted pressure points create a world of opportunity—an untapped world of pressure energy. By harnessing this often overlooked energy source through Energy Recovery technology, companies can save significant energy and protect vulnerable pumping equipment.

Energy Recovery specializes in this form of energy recycling. Our technology taps into pressure energy to offer:

  • Energy savings
  • More reliable operations
  • Lower maintenance costs