The IsoGen® system captures pressure energy and generates electricity from high-pressure fluid flows.
  • Up to 85% efficiency
  • Flexible enough to install multiple systems in parallel
  • Optimum efficiency possible with variable frequency drive (VFD)
  • Minimal changes to existing operations
  • No need for other instrumentation or ancillary equipment
  • Robust all-metal construction

Designed for oil pipelines and gas processing, the IsoGen® system is the most efficient turbogenerator on the market today with maximum flexibility.

For pipelines, the IsoGen system can be installed near oil terminals, pressure control stations, refineries or storage tanks—anywhere choke valves are currently used to release excess pressure. It replaces traditional choke valves with a system that not only reduces the pressure but also generates renewable energy. The system is installed in parallel with the existing pressure control station or letdown valve, providing redundancy and reliability for the pipeline operation, as well as easy routine maintenance.

In gas processing, IsoGen can be used in the acid gas removal process, where it converts otherwise wasted pressure energy into electricity. In both cases, the electricity can be fed back into the system to improve operational efficiency, or fed into a grid.

The heart of the IsoGen system is a variable flow, single stage hydraulic turbine coupled with an asynchronous induction generator, which converts the hydraulic energy to electrical energy with up to 85% efficiency rather than dissipating energy through the choke valve.

IsoGen offers a unique approach to creating renewable energy, as well as the ability to generate additional power without adding any risk to the operation.