IsoBoost is a hydraulic pumping system that saves energy in gas processing (during acid gas removal) and ammonia production (during CO2 removal). Plants recovery up to 80% of otherwise wasted pressure energy.
  • Save energy
  • Improve Reliability, Availability, Maintainability
  • Lower Carbon Footprint and Emissions to Comply with Regulations
  • Explore New Options in Plant Design
  • Mitigate Risk of Price Fluctuations

Save Energy

IsoBoost will save millions of dollars in energy over the life of a plant. Gas processing plants can save up to 50% of total electric power consumption for the acid gas removal circuit, and the system will perform at up to 80% efficiency. Ammonia plants can recover energy with 25% greater efficiency than traditional technology.

Improve Reliability, Availability, Maintainability

IsoBoost is up to three times as reliable as a pump. Compare its mean time to failure (MTTF) of 10 years to the 2.9 years MTTF of a traditional multistage, centrifugal motor driven pump. Expect fewer breakdowns, and a big drop in maintenance costs.

Lower Carbon Footprint and Emissions to Comply with Regulations

Reducing carbon footprint and emissions with IsoBoost can help plants comply with legislation. With plants requiring less energy to run, IsoBoost can help meet standards set by current regulations, increase plant capacity without impacting regulatory compliance, or reduce the risk that operations will be compromised by future regulatory standards.

Explore New Options in Plant Design

IsoBoost offers plants a new freedom in designing their operations. Plants can use IsoBoost in place of an additional high-pressure pump to increase capacity without adding energy costs, or replace a high-pressure pump with IsoBoost to optimize capital expenditure and operating expenses. The system also features replaceable volutes that allow for flexible flow rates.

Mitigate Risk of Price Fluctuations

Plants rely on power, and are challenged by electricity price fluctuations. By using more recovered energy, plants can mitigate this risk, because less power will be drawn from external sources.