Challenges in Gas Processing

Abundant, reliable, and clean-burning, natural gas has many advantages compared to other energy sources. The market for natural gas is expected to increase significantly in the coming decades, presenting both opportunities and challenges for gas processors. Among the challenges: how to keep up with growing demand while not compromising either plant operations or profits.

Energy Recovery helps address these challenges. Our IsoBoost system offers plant operators an easy way to save energy and protect vulnerable pumping equipment, which will help ensure smooth operations.

How to Address Those Challenges

The IsoBoost system works by capturing energy that would otherwise be lost in what is variously known as amine treating or acid gas removal. Specifically, it captures energy released during the depressurization of rich amine in the sweetening process. This captured energy is then used to increase the pressure of lean amine elsewhere in the plant. The result is a system capable of recovering up to 80 percent of the energy otherwise wasted in acid gas removal.

The greatest impact of IsoBoost on gas processing comes from its durability, with a lifespan three times longer than a traditional pump. We based the product on technologies we originally developed for the seawater desalination industry. In that exceptionally harsh environment, our products have a proven track record of operating for extended periods with virtually no downtime. This makes them ideal for the rigors of gas processing.

The IsoBoost system is the first technology of its kind for gas processing and defines a new category for the industry. By making plants run stronger and more efficiently, it changes the economics of gas processing.