Oil & Gas

Our technologies recycle and convert wasted pressure energy into a usable asset and preserve pumps that are subject to hostile processing environments.

Precision-Engineered Solutions for Oil & Gas

With unique solutions from Energy Recovery, our customers in the oil and gas industry can improve productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce emissions associated with oil and gas production.

Our VorTeq™ technology for hydraulic fracturing and our IsoBoost and IsoGen solutions for gas processing leverage our expertise with industrial fluid-flow systems and our proven pressure exchanger and turbocharger technologies—the same expertise that has driven our success in water desalination. 
VorTeq, our flagship oil and gas solution—currently in R&D—reroutes abrasive proppants away from high-pressure pumps on fracing sites, protecting pumps from erosion and reducing equipment failure common during well completion operations.

Advanced Industrial Applications

To develop customer applications of the VorTeq and other technologies, we opened our Commercial Development Center in Katy, Texas in 2019. Housing our oil and gas operations, the facility contains a test yard with equipment that simulates the pressures, flows, and operating conditions of commercial frac sites for scalable, continuous product testing. In addition, we are constructing R&D and manufacturing facilities for the tungsten carbide pressure exchangers used in the VorTeq.

As we advance toward commercialization of the VorTeq and prepare for full-scale production, we are focused on delivering a reliable, repeatable solution for our oilfield services customers. We’re adding to our team of experienced engineers, field operators, and manufacturing personnel to help steer the VorTeq through development and commercialization.

  • VorTeq

    The VorTeq™ hydraulic pumping system re-routes abrasive proppants away from high pressure pumps, saving them from frequent failures.
  • Recovering Energy In Gas Processing

    The IsoBoost™ system saves up to 80 percent of energy in the acid gas removal process in gas processing plants.