Oil & Gas Systems Overview

Keep the Pressure, Preserve the Energy

Our energy recovery technologies have already revolutionized the water sector, making desalination a viable economic solution to the global water shortage by recycling large amounts of otherwise wasted fluid energy. We have now crossed sector, environmental, and economic boundaries to have the same impact in the oil & gas and chemical sectors.  Our IsoBoostTM and IsoGenTM systems are specifically designed for upstream and midstream oil & gas applications — solutions tailored to the unique needs of the oil & gas industry that turn pressure from a liability into a key asset and economic driver.  Here are the key benefits of these systems: 

Midstream Gas Processing, gas processing plants, natural gas processing plant

IsoBoost System

The IsoBoost system is an all-metal and high-quality precision-manufactured system with a high efficiency up to 80% .

  • Economic payback in less than 3 years
  • Can save you up to 25% on your electricity costs
  • High efficiency turbo solution ~ up to 80%
  • Simple-to-install system
  • Increases productivity & profitability
  • Reduces emissions

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IsoGen System

The IsoGen™ System captures pressure energy and generates electricity from high-pressure fluid flows. Specifically designed for oil pipelines, pressure drops and the gas sweetening process, the IsoGen System is the most efficient turbogenerator on the market today with maximum flexibility. 

  • High efficiency turbo solution ~ up to 85%
  • Economic payback: less than three years
  • Simple-to-install system
  • Skid mounted system
  • Increases productivity & profitability

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