Our technologies are an ingenious blend of science & economics making reusable energy from any industrial fluid flow.

We’ve invested years of research and development to build the most efficient energy recovery devices available today. Whether it's high alloy stainless steels and exotic metals, or the synthesis and precision machining of highly engineered ceramics, our technologies are an ingenious blend of science and economics that make reusable energy recovery innovative and cost effective.

Patented Technologies

Our in-house design team is constantly finding ways to make our products more efficient and seamlessly functional. To that end, we've developed patented technologies that take our energy recvery products to the next level.

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Our PX devices are smart and elegantly simple; they have only one moving part and are made of a high-purity aluminum-oxide ceramic that's corrosion-proof, three times harder than steel, and provides unmatched durability.

The simplicity and modularity of this design allows for optimum scalability, quick startup and no required maintenance.

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The Energy Recovery

Ceramic Process


Our components are seawater resistant even in the harshest and most corrosive environment. While minimizing cost and waste during production, we machine components to offer an excellent high-yield strength-to-price ratio.

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Our Lab

Our scientists and engineers are highly skilled in the manufacturing processes required for energy recovery. And because research, development, and manufacturing all happen under the same roof, we're able to incubate and accelerate the launch of next-generation products to serve you with a speed, precision, and integrity at every stage of the process that's unmatched by any competitor.

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