We Are Fluid Innovators

We all know people—perfectly lovely people—who are content to sit and patiently wait for good things to happen to them. I am happy to report that none of those people work at Energy Recovery.

Our talent here is more restless by nature. We prefer to spend our time doing the good things that others await. That trait alone gives us high hopes for the future.

Innovation is critical to our success as we enter the oil and gas and chemical processing fields. We are up to the challenge, having filed more patents last year than during the rest of our company’s more than 20-year history combined. And others are taking notice. Our technologies have won top industry awards that celebrate the best innovations in science, engineering, and technology.

When you invest in Energy Recovery, you don’t just get products, you get partners

At Energy Recovery we develop award-winning, industry-leading energy recovery systems and solutions that offer innovative approaches to global industrial challenges. Our solutions transform industrial fluid flows and pressure cycles into reusable energy, using advanced technologies that adapt to the water, oil and gas, and chemicals industries; making it possible to harness energy from any industrial process with high pressure differentials and high rates of fluid flow. And our commitment to continuous innovation guarantees that by partnering with us, you save energy and stay in front of the technology curve.

Companies don’t innovate, people do

One of the reasons our technology is popular is because of the unsurpassed technical knowledge and customer support we bring to the table. With more than 120 years of combined industry experience, we have unparalleled technical expertise in energy recovery systems. We’re a diverse team, but we share one unifying characteristic—a desire to create and support smart, elegantly simple solutions to complex problems.

With research, development, and manufacturing facilities in California, Energy Recovery has a global presence with direct sales offices and technical support centers in Ireland, Dubai, and Shanghai, as well as service representatives in Algeria, Australia, China, India, Korea, Mexico, Taiwan, and Latin America.