IsoBoost is a hydraulic pumping system that saves energy in the CO2 removal process in ammonia production. The system will recover up to 80% of otherwise wasted pressure energy.  
  • 25% higher efficiency than existing energy recovery technologies
  • Improved reliability, availability, maintainability
  • More than 3X as reliable as existing pumping configurations
  • Reduced carbon footprint and emissions to comply with regulations
  • Up to 80% energy efficiency
  • Proprietary replaceable volutes enable future changes in flow requirements

Save Energy

With IsoBoost, ammonia producers will save $10-20 million in energy costs over the life of a typical plant. The system recovers up to 80% of hydraulic energy available in the CO2 removal process, and is 25% more efficient than existing energy recovery technologies.

Improve Reliability, Availability, Maintainability

IsoBoost is at least three times as reliable as existing pumping configurations, offering energy savings with virtually no maintenance. The unique design of the hydraulic turbocharger avoids the use of mechanical seals and external lubrication systems, requires no alignment between the mechanical driver and the pump, and operates at very low vibration levels due to a self-regulating variable speed design that operates at BEP over a wide flow range.

Lower Carbon Footprint and Emissions to Comply with Regulations

Reducing carbon footprint and emissions with IsoBoost can help plants comply with legislation. With plants requiring less energy to run, IsoBoost can help meet standards set by current regulations, or increase plant capacity without impacting regulatory compliance, or reduce the risk that operations will be compromised by future regulatory standards.

Explore New Options in Plant Design

IsoBoost offers plants a new degree of freedom in designing their operations. Plants can use IsoBoost in place of an additional high-pressure pump to increase capacity without adding energy costs, or replace a high-pressure pump with IsoBoost to optimize capital expenditure and operating expenses. The system also features proprietary replaceable volute technology that allows for convenient modification to accommodate future changes in flow requirements.

Mitigate Risk of Price Fluctuations

Plants consuming electric power from external sources are challenged by electricity price fluctuations. By using more recovered energy, plants can mitigate this risk, as less power is drawn from external sources.