Hans Peter Michelet has been integral to the success of Energy Recovery Inc since 1994. He first joined the board of directors in August 1995 and has served as its chairman since September 2004, during which time he has been intrinsically involved in most of the company’s strategic decisions. The board of directors selected Mr. Michelet as its chairman based on his experience as an investor and entrepreneur, his senior management experience in multi-cultural financial institutions, his strong organizational and leadership skills, and his in-depth insight into ERI’s corporate culture. His knowledge of ERI’s products and his expertise about the industry at large make him well-qualified to continue leading ERI as chairman of the board. Mr. Michelet also serves as the chairman of the board of SynchroNet Logistics Inc., a maritime technology service provider, and he is a member of the board of IRIS Forskningsinvest, a leading research and development institute in Norway, and Profunda, a leading, innovative Norwegian fish farm. Mr. Michelet is also a member of the international advisory board of the Virgin Green Fund, which focuses on middle market growth and expansion investment opportunities in the renewable energy and resource efficiency sectors including water. Before joining ERI’s board, Mr. Michelet worked for Delphi Asset Management and was instrumental in turning Delphi into one of the fastest-growing Norwegian asset management companies. He served as CEO at Fiba Nordic Securities, where he was instrumental in positioning the firm as a major Scandinavian investment bank. He has also held key roles at Finanshuset and Storebrand Insurance Corporation.  Mr. Michelet holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Oregon.