Farshad Ghasripoor is the Chief Technology Officer at Energy Recovery and is responsible for the conceptualization and ongoing development of the revolutionary VorTeq hydraulic pumping system.  He previously held the position of Managing Director, Engineering and is the driving force behind Energy Recovery’s research and development efforts with a focus on future derivatives of the Pressure Exchanger technology with products such as MTeq for Mud Pumping.  Prior to joining Energy Recovery, he served a 12-year term at GE, starting at the General Electric Global Research Center, where he led the development of abradable seals for steam and gas turbines. Dr. Ghasripoor also developed a solid particle erosion protection system for steam path airfoils, which is currently implemented in GE steam turbines to substantially extend the life of turbine blades. He is the named inventor on 59 US patent applications, of which 23 have been granted to date, and has authored articles for 20 peer-reviewed publications. He received his PhD from Brunel University of West London in the UK.