Our Technology

Through our vertically integrated manufacturing process, we ensure that our solutions meet our high standards for quality, durability, and reliability.

Core Technology

Our unique pressure exchanger technology provides benefits when applied to industrial fluid-flow systems with pressure differentials. This pressure exchanger technology is at the heart of our PX® Pressure Exchanger®, lowering energy consumption and carbon emissions while reducing the pump size needed for seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination. We are now leveraging our expertise in fluid and structural mechanics and material science to apply pressure exchanger technology to Oil & Gas. In this setting, pressure exchangers can protect pumps from erosion, reducing equipment failure common during drilling and well completion operations.

A pressure exchanger acts like a fluid piston, transferring energy between high-pressure and low-pressure fluids through continuously rotating ducts. These ducts are part of the rotor, the only moving part inside the pressure exchanger.

Pressure Exchanger Internal Components

Key to the operation of a pressure exchanger is the micron-level clearance between the rotor and the sleeve. Fluid circulating within this clearance acts as a bearing, minimizing friction for an extremely efficient exchange of pressure energy. 

Our pressure exchanger internal components are made for unsurpassed durability from either alumina ceramic, in water applications, or cemented tungsten carbide, in oil and gas applications. Through our precision manufacturing process, we ensure that all  components meet our high standards for quality, durability, and reliability. 

A History of Invention, a Future of Innovation

The initial product application of our pressure exchanger technology was the PX Pressure Exchanger (PX). Since its first installation in 1992, more than 20,000 PXs have been deployed worldwide. Delivering energy savings of up to 60% and efficiencies up to 98%, the PX revolutionized SWRO desalination and is today’s industry standard in energy recovery solutions. 

Our track record of innovation began with pressure exchanger technology and has grown from there. For instance, in water, our commercially available technologies now include turbocharger energy recovery devices, as well as high-pressure booster and circulation pumps. 

With a robust pipeline of technologies in various stages of pre-commercialization, our team of experts, from world-class engineers to manufacturing specialists, is working to solve new challenges for our customers in Water, Oil & Gas, and beyond. 

  • Water Overview

    The world’s need for clean water is intensifying, driven by population growth, industrialization, rapid urbanization, and climate change. According to United Nations estimates, global demand for water will surge 30% by 2050.
  • Oil & Gas Overview

    With unique solutions from Energy Recovery, our customers in the oil and gas industry can improve productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce the environmental impact of their operations.