About Energy Recovery

At Energy Recovery, we recycle and convert wasted pressure energy into a usable asset and preserve pumps that are subject to hostile processing environments. With award-winning technology, we simplify complex industrial systems while improving productivity, profitability, and efficiency within the oil & gas, chemical processing, and water industries. Our products save clients more than $2 billion (USD) annually.

For more than 20 years, we have developed genuinely disruptive technologies that have become the most efficient and most popular energy recovery solutions in desalination. Having secured market leadership in the water industry, we are expanding into new markets, such as gas processing and ammonia production.

Universal Value

Our technologies have a significant, universal value across any industry with high rates of fluid flows and high pressure differentials. Wherever we can find an appropriate application for our technology, our solutions will provide meaningful energy savings and operational efficiency.

Core Technology

The first disruptive Energy Recovery technology was the PX Pressure Exchanger, and it set a precedent for everything to follow. The PX works by recycling energy that would otherwise be lost in the desalination process. Simple yet durable, it changed the economics of converting seawater to fresh water, and today is used in the vast majority of desalination projects worldwide. Added to our suite of turbochargers and pumps, we currently have 20,000 devices installed across the globe.

New Applications

Energy Recovery developed the VorTeq hydraulic pumping system as the first major application of our PX Pressure Exchanger technology in oil and gas. The system alleviates the major problem of pump failure on frac sites by re-routing abrasive proppants away from the high-pressure pump trucks, allowing them to pump pure water instead of sand. Seeing the disruptive potential, Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield services provider, signed a 15-year exclusive licensing deal for VorTeq in 2015.

In 2016, we have also been awarded the first major deal with our IsoBoost system, which recovers otherwise wasted pressure energy in acid gas removal in gas processing. Multiple IsoBoost systems will be installed in what will be the largest gas processing plant in the Middle East. This follows on the heels of the commissioning the first IsoGen system in a Middle East gas processing plant with Saudi Aramco, where our technology will convert pressure energy into electricity.

Global Presence

With research, development, and manufacturing facilities in California, Energy Recovery maintains a global presence. We operate direct sales offices and technical support centers in Ireland, Dubai, and Shanghai, and our service representatives are on the ground in Algeria, Australia, China, India, Korea, Mexico, Taiwan, and throughout Latin America.

Policies and Certificates

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