Our Culture

Corporate Culture

Energy Recovery prides itself on having a strong culture that is attractive to employees and customers. This important asset is nurtured by all employees who strive to maintain our unique identity and core values.  We believe our employees feel a sense of pride when they work in an  environment of empowerment, open communication, recognition, inclusion, collaboration, and innovation. In addition, we continuously strive to ensure that our working environment supports a balance between work and personal life.


Energy Recovery is also committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in its financial affairs and reporting. We offer a confidential, anonymous reporting system dedicated to addressing complaints regarding accounting, internal accounting controls, or auditing matters, as well as violations of our Code of Conduct and Ethics. Visit our anonymous reporting system

Employee Voices

Listed below are quotes from our employees on Energy Recovery’s corporate culture:

  • “Since joining Energy Recovery in 2008, I have found that everyone here is very welcoming and friendly. I’ve come to realize what a special group of people I work with, and that challenges me to better myself both professionally and personally.”
  • “When I first joined the Energy Recovery team, I knew from the beginning that I came into a very diverse and welcoming group of people.  The culture is ever changing, but it always has its core elements: empowerment, unification, determination and satisfaction.”
  • “Energy Recovery is right-sized—big enough to have resources and market share, small enough to be responsive. This empowers us and gives us confidence. We stand on our own legs without a heavy corporate structure looming over us.”

We also support a core value of innovation, and welcome you to meet some of the innovators who have built strong careers at Energy Recovery.