About Us

Energy Recovery is the global leader in pressure energy technology, and a hub of engineering innovation.

For more than 20 years, Energy Recovery has created technologies that solve complex challenges in industrial fluid-flow markets. We design and manufacture solutions that reduce waste, improve operational efficiencies, and reduce the production costs of clean water and oil and gas. What began as a game-changing invention for water desalination has grown into a global business delivering solutions that enable more affordable access to these critical resources.

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have manufacturing, research, and development facilities across California and Texas. Our worldwide sales and technical service organization provides on-site support for our line of water solutions, including energy recovery devices and pumps.

Generating Cost Savings and Increasing Efficiency

We are committed to developing technologies that drive cost savings for our customers. As a result, customers can reduce energy consumption, improve productivity, and increase efficiency of their high-pressure industrial fluid-flow systems.

Our water solutions save desalination customers $2 billion (USD)* annually in energy expenses. Our VorTeq™ technology for oil and gas, currently in-development, is designed to drive savings by protecting pumps from erosion and reducing equipment failure common during well completion operations.

Leading Change in Product and Practice

Our PX® Pressure Exchanger® is a groundbreaking device that revolutionized seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination, reducing energy costs by up to 60%. It is now SWRO’s most widely used energy recovery solution, with installations in desalination facilities on all seven continents. Today we are identifying new ways to solve challenges for industrial fluid-flow markets, leveraging our proven pressure exchanger technology. Whether they are saving energy, driving lower costs, or reducing the need for repairs and maintenance, our ideas drive real value for our customers.

Delivering Environmental and Social Impact

Our technologies reduce carbon emissions associated with the production of clean water and oil & gas and drive greater access to these resources. For instance, through our range of water solutions, we help combat global water scarcity while avoiding more than 12.4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually*, the equivalent of removing more than 2.5 million passenger vehicles from the road. The VorTeq can lower costs and reduce the resources required for oil & gas well completion operations by minimizing pump redundancy and increasing equipment lifespan. This in turn can indirectly lower emissions associated with manufacturing and transporting spare parts. Increasing equipment lifespan can also help to promote safety on a job site by reducing the exposure of repair personnel.

*Energy Recovery estimates

  • Doing business the right way

    Since our founding, we have been dedicated to delivering efficient and sustainable products for our customers. To further our commitment to responsible corporate citizenship and transparency, we released Energy Recovery’s first Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report in 2020.
  • Energy Recovery COVID-19 Relief Partners

    Coming together in a time of need

    At Energy Recovery, we are committed to looking after the well-being of our communities, both locally and globally. This is now more important than ever, as millions of people around the world are deeply impacted by the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis.
  • Careers at Energy Recovery

    We know our people are our most valuable asset, enabling us to solve the world’s most pressing industrial challenges. We provide a rewarding work environment that encourages intellectual curiosity and creative problem solving, celebrates excellence and individuality, and fosters collaboration.